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December 13, 2013

Click on each link below to view and/or print each document:

Helaman 1

Helaman 1 &2 

Helaman 3

Helaman 4

Helaman 5

Helaman 6

Helaman 7

Helaman 8

Helaman 9

Helaman 10

I Testify

Helaman 11

Helaman 12

Helaman 12 Conclusion

Helaman 13

Helaman 14

Helaman 15

Helaman 16

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  1. suhibel Butterfield permalink

    Can you add me to your email list

    • I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your request in December. I hope you have figured out how to follow the blog. Once you have clicked on “follow” (which is found in the bottom right hand corner of the website “”), you will receive notifications each time I post new handouts. You will then simply return to this site in order to download and/or print the handouts to supplement the class discussions.

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